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Just how do we increase your engines efficiency?

Manufacturers market the same car to a vast array of potential customers in a multitude of differing countries. This means the same 1.9 turbo diesel unit could be purchased by a London based city commuter, as could be purchased by a customer in Andorra who likes nothing better than to attach the caravan at weekends and venture off with the family exploring the Alps. The added weight of the caravan combined with the steep inclines of the Alps, generates far greater physical load on the engine than will ever be experienced by our London commuter on his daily grind into the city. In addition, the air consumed by your engine at altitude has a lower density than that of the air found at sea level.

The net result is that to achieve the desired fueling (air to fuel ratio) for our Andorra based owner, the London commuter is going to have a car operating a little richer than required. A turbo diesel remap by WeMapAnyCar will optimise your cars fueling, along with a number of additional parameters, to achieve the correct operational AFR for your car providing a guaranteed improvement in fuel efficiency - All of our turbo diesel remaps come with our seven day no quibble money back guarantee!

Lifetime warranty

7-day money back guarantee

How to maximise your fuel economy

  1. BulletEnsure your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure - under inflation will cause unnecessary drag and premature tyre wear.

  2. BulletEnsure you are running the correct wheel alignment - any tyre scrub as a result of poor wheel alignment will cause unnecessary drag and premature and uneven tyre wear.

  3. BulletUse the best quality fuel you can - low octane fuels provide poor combustion resulting in excessive carbon build up and lowered efficiency.

  4. BulletEnsure regular servicing - oil breaks down over time reducing it’s lubricating properties and dirty air filters make your turbo work harder.

  5. BulletRepair failing parts as soon as possible

  6. BulletMinimise weight - if you don’t need to take the kitchen sink, leave it at home!

  7. BulletMinimise aerodynamic drag - no silly spoilers or unnecessary bonnet scoops please!